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Monday, May 13, 2013 | 0 Comment(s). Leave me one?
Hey guys , so whats up ? did your life been just good ? congrates then :') cause mines not. oh btw how about your's love story ? I hope you and your mate just happy with each other and nothing bad happen ths lately :)

Did you guys ever heard about someone who love someone and never get be loved back ? Oh thats happen on me . Its hurt . alot .and i dont want you guys feels that way. try to avoid it or it will ruined all over your life . Sometimes i feel like life is sucks and wanna run far from it but it will not happen and we have to face it

Im so trying to be 

sometimes i quite trying so hard and its failed 

Just please know , i miss you. The old you . I hate for having this feeling cause i dont want it tho. please realize i have a big feelin' towards you and dont ignore it . Im trying so hard to forget you and its failed . waw 

its just feels like 

P/S: if you'r reading ths (maybe someday)please know im waiting for ya. 
and its hurt


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